Management Policy

We modernize the practical training equipments which are used in content industries. By studying with our equipment, students can work as helpful new employees. We always try to meet the needs of industry.

We teach our students to be workers who can good engineers / creatorssoon after they graduate.

Ready to Work
We have strong connection with companies and industry. We obtain the latest information to open new courses. Our curriculum is effective to be ready to work.
Qualification & Portfolio
The goal of students in IT courses is to acquire qualifications. The goal of students in Creator courses is to produce works of art. Acquiring qualifications and producing works of are in the curriculums.
Support for employment
We have job hunting seminars and school councilors to support students. We have one-on-one meeting with students to find their future goals.

World Standard Training Program

We cooperate with world standard companies such as; Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and so on. We are Institute approved by Adobe and we are on the Adobe's web-site. To study these 3 companies' software, students will be ready to work after they graduate.

Career Education

We undertake the commission training work from Osaka Prefecture, and we havve a career development course for adults.

Student evaluation system

We have 4 periodic exams in a year to evaluate students' comprehension and progress of classes. Also in practical training, we evaluate students' productions. Student's comprehensive evaluations are based on their results of exams, productions, their behavior in class, and so on.

Teacher/Instructor Training

We have Teacher/Instructor Training course once a year to improve our teacher/instructors skills and knowledge of their specialties.
Our part-time instructors are specialists of their fields.

  • Depatment of Digital Creator
  • Depatment of Information Processing System
  • Department of IT Specialist
  • Department of Web Specialist
  • Department of IT Business
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