Message from Principal

You can open the door to the future with Computer Technology.

Recenty, smartphones and tablet computers such as iPhone, iPad, and Android make a significant advance.
We take advantage of these computer technologies eveywhere in our daily lives. We now cannot live without computers. Every time new IT is developed, our society changes.
Compared to the development of technologies, we don't have enough the number of engineers and creators.
Those engineers and creators are strongly wanted in the 21st century society.
We have been developing excellent human resources with computer knowledge and skills since our foundation.
This school Nihon Computer Institute was spun off from Nihon Riko Institute of Technology in 1984. Our school corporation has long history, but our curriculum keeps up the development of technology.
We establish new departments to meet the needs of the society.
Our educational activities are trusted by many companies.

Osamu Kamei Principal
  • Policy
  • Go on to University
  • Qualification & Portfolio
  • Facilities & Location
  • Depatment of Digital Creator
  • Depatment of Information Processing System
  • Department of IT Specialist
  • Department of Web Specialist
  • Department of IT Business
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