Animation course

Qualifications you exprect to again

  • CG-ARTS certification CG creator
  • CG-ARTS certification Multimedia
  • Color coordinator certification
  • ADEC Color Master Certificate exam

Careers after graduation

  • Animator
  • Animation producer
  • Production coordinator
  • Digital painter
  • Producer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Editor
  • Animation director
  • Illustrator

Common subjects
  • Introduction to Digital Media
  • Presentation Technique
  • Web-page Design and etc
  • Graduation work
Subjects for Animation course
  • CG creation
  • Drawing illustrations
  • Storyboard technique
  • Scenario Developing technique
  • Animation creation
  • Rough drafting
  • Painting technique
  • Introduction to animation
  • Digital animation creation
  • Drawing animation technique
  • Drawing layout technique

Example timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday thursday Friday
1 Introduction to CG Web-page design Authoring Drawing illustrations Presentation
2 Storyboard technique Animation creation Drawing layout
Sketching Color coordinate
3 Introduction to
Animation creation Digital animation
Drawing animation
CG creation
4       Drawing animation
  • Depatment of Digital Creator
  • Depatment of Information Processing System
  • Department of IT Specialist
  • Department of Web Specialist
  • Department of IT Business
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